Friday, August 29, 2014

Weeks 25-29

Hello, third trimester!

29 weeks!

Seriously, I can't believe how fast this is going.  It's so much different than it was with Gabby.  I can't believe in 3 months or so we'll be a family of 4!

My hip pain is getting out of control.  If I'm just walking by myself (slowly), everything is fine.  However, if I try to carry or even lift Gabby, I pay for it big time.  She's such a momma's girl still, and I miss being able to "carry you" whenever she wants me to!  Other than that and a rapidly expanding middle, things are going smoothly.  He is super low, and very consistently kicks me in the bladder and pelvic area (probably not helping the hip pain).  I swear his head must be locked and loaded sometimes because I feel like I can't cross my legs very well anymore.  He is still very wiggly and loves to move around.  I've started feeling some rolls in there too, and sometimes my belly is very lop-sided, so I know he's snuggled up on one side.  He always moves if I poke him, though!

I'm up 20 lbs this time around, which is still right on track.  My OB didn't make any weight comments at my last appointment, so she's happy with how things are going.  I was up 14 lbs with Gabby, so a bit more gain now.  After my problems with breastfeeding Gabby, I'm not too concerned about any weight that I'm gaining.  Frankly, the more the merrier.  I passed my glucose tolerance test (no gestational diabetes) and have no sign of pre-eclampsia (no protein in urine and low blood pressure), so we'll just keep on keeping on here!

Brian painted Artoo's room, and it looks really good.  That means he is officially done with painting walls in kids rooms!  We chose a really light green, and are hoping to get some baby animal decals to punch things up.  We found some that we really like at Buy Buy Baby, but they are discontinued and we can't get the full set of things we need.  Back to the drawing board!  He is going to paint the doors this weekend, and then he should be officially done with painting.  I know he'll be happy to move on to something else!


The kid loves her watering cans.

The park's sprinklers were on a bit too long one day, and Gabby had a blast in the puddles.

Gabby's sleep has gradually started to improve.  We went on a trip to St. Louis (more below) to visit with my family, and she kept up the early morning wake-ups there.  So we decided to get serious about sleep training when we got back.  We bought her a toddler clock that has a moon on it when she should be sleeping and a sun when she can be awake.  I've been working with her for the past few weeks to get her to realize that she needs to be quiet when the moon is up and can call for me when the sun is up.  She's had a few bad nights of multiple wake-ups (all of which happen if Brian picks her up from daycare, so it's most definitely separation anxiety), but overall, she's been doing a really good job going to sleep and staying asleep.  I like that she's listening to reason--I tell her when/if I go in in the middle of the night that when the moon is up, everyone sleeps in their own beds.  Once I say that, she stops crying, thinks about it, and then lies back down and asks to be covered.  When we break the middle of the night wake-ups for good, I'm going to work on getting her to go to sleep at night by herself.  She still requires rocking to go down initially, and it's still taking over an hour for her to really fall asleep.

In other news, we've started potty training!  Right before we left for St. Louis, she asked to go on the potty a few times, and then actually did it!  We bought a training potty in St. Louis, and she peed and pooped several times while we were there.  Since we got back, she's been really good about telling us when she has to go and then actually going.  Daycare says that she's able to stay dry all day (except for during naptime, which is normal), and requested that we get her some underwear.  I'm not quite ready for underwear at home, since she won't tell us when she has to go potty if she's playing or interested in something else, but we did buy some pull-ups and she is now wearing those full time.  All of this is happening just as I had myself convinced that I'd have 2 in full time diapers.  I definitely wouldn't call her trained, but she's well on her way to it!

Now for some pictures.  Unfortunately, we don't have any family shots, since Brian only took his camera to the zoo.  But here are some amazing pictures of our day with my college friends Stephanie and Lisa, Lisa's husband Derek, and their daughter Lia!

Bonus Sacramento airport shot
Her friend the sea lion

"Mommy lion"
"Daddy lion.  No baby lion."

Posing while the leopards are snoozing

The zebra is not dead.  I promise.

Looking at the zebras too.

Waiting to get in to see the sea lions.

Watching the sea lions swim overhead.

The biggest his of the day by far was the misters.


Both girls loved running around in them.

They had so much fun together.

Just hanging out in the children's zoo.

She actually climbed pretty high.  She also fell.

In the hippo.

Riding the carousel.

Me too!

Lia captures Gabby's serious face.

Not as well as Gabby does, though.

Lia on the train.  Gabby loved being on a real train.  The train at the Sacramento zoo is lame.

And if you were wondering, yes, we were there for the riots.  My Grandma Stoehr lives in Ferguson and we were all over at her house the day the teenager got shot.  Amy and Ryan had to change their route because the street was closed.  So this brings our track record on travel to 2 fires and a riot.

Fall classes started this past week, and I'm happy to be back.  On Monday I went 5 straight hours (they had to check into lab lockers and complete a lab because of Labor Day), and I was in so much pain.  Wednesday was better, since I was only on my feet for about 3.5 hours.  It's going to be interesting teaching this class, since I'm definitely not in my normal shape right now.  I've already told them that if they have questions during lab, they're going to have to find me, since I can't walk very much anymore!  I start my online class on September 9, so I have another week to settle in at ARC before having to worry about that one.