Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two for One Post

Since we were on the road for Christmas, I decided to combine Weeks 32 and 33 into one post.  

Weeks: 32 and 33

Bump picture--between Weeks 32 and 33 and taken along the Pacific Coast Highway between Monterey and San Luis Obispo.

And another one taken at Brian's parents' house on Christmas day (32 weeks, 3 days)
Baby Size: *Stats are for Week 33, since it's the one I'm in now*.  19.5 inches and just about 4.5 pounds.  She's supposed to put on 0.5 lbs per week from here on out.  I couldn't get into the doctor's this week, since they are super busy with Christmas and all, so I won't have any heartbeat updates until next week.  

Sleep: Pretty well for being on the road for most of the week.  The first hotel had a crappy mattress, but the second hotel and Brian's parents' house had very nice beds and I slept pretty well.  I am having issues getting to sleep at night, not being able to shut my mind off and all.  Once I get there (until Jacquizza decides the bladder is in her way) I do pretty well.  Again, I wish I could store this up for future use! 

Diet and Exercise:  We did a ton of walking on the babymoon.  The first day was the Winchester Mystery House, which was about a mile long walking tour.  The next day, we hit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was also a ton of walking, and the last day was Hearst Castle, tidal pools, and the longest, steepest staircase in Cambria from our hotel to downtown.  After getting to LA, I didn't do nearly as well, eating a ton and only walking 1 day, but before then, I was a walking machine.  I'm actually pretty proud of how well I held up with all the walking tours. 
Movement: Still a ton of movement, but we've switched from sharp kicks to rolls and twists.  I'll get an unidentified body part that moves from one side to the other and bulges out my abdomen.  I've been trying to get it on video in order to send it to my parents (since they didn't get to see or feel her move while they were here for Thanksgiving), but every time I pull out my phone to record it, she stops moving.  She's a stubborn one!   

What I Miss: I really want some sushi this week.  I haven't had any since my birthday in September, and I think it's time! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Enjoying the rest of the week with Brian being off.  It was so nice spending time as a couple this past week, and he has the rest of the week off work.  I know he has to work to make money, but sometimes I wish he could be off with me for the next month!     

Best Moment this Week: The babymoon, and spending time with the in-laws for Christmas.  It was so nice seeing everyone and eating tons of food.  I really appreciate my extended family!

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  After all the eating at Christmas, I feel like I've really gained a ton of belly.  I used to be able to bend over with little effort, but now I hit the belly when I try.  The same thing happened after Thanksgiving.  I'm glad she's using all the nutrients I'm sending in there!   

Baby Milestones:
Jacquizza is still gaining weight like crazy.  She's also busy practicing all the skills she'll need when she gets out.   

Food Cravings: Sushi! 

How's Dad?: Great!  He actually planned the entire babymoon, meaning I didn't have to worry about our schedule or where we were supposed to be at any given time.  I actually had no idea what the plan was until we were in the car on the way!  He did such a great job with the hotels and booking tickets and keeping us on schedule.  

We bought the mattress for the crib, and the seat protectors for the car, but are holding off on everything else until after my shower on the 15th.  It's hard to not just buy everything I need right now, but I do need to leave stuff for other people to buy as well.  I will enjoy the shopping trip after the shower :)
Tid Bits:  Here are some pictures from the babymoon:

The Winchester Mystery House--that lady was crazy.  Our tour guide there was a few crayons short of a box, too.  He was more interested in telling "funny" jokes (one had Nazis in it) than giving us details about the house.  We did the behind-the-scenes tour, and learned so much more during that one than during the main hour one!

 That opening towards the right is actually a door that leads to a drop to the ground.  Told you.

Jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

And a seahouse

 Creepy disembodied head!

Starfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium


Along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)  There were some truly amazing views, but I only got a few nice pictures

Brian breaking from his marathon driving.  He did everything until the way home (6 straight hours is just too much)!

The main entrance to Hearst Castle--nice little front door

The Neptune pool at Hearst Castle--I could swim there

The view from Hearst Castle--I could wake up to that

Anemone in a tidal pool outside Cambria


We did not pick them up

And lastly, my 2 favorite presents this year :)

I hope everyone's Christmas was as nice as mine!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week: 31

Baby Size: 17ish inches and just about 3.5 pounds.  This week at the appointment, her heart rate was 141, and still sounded really good!  

Sleep: She's loving the early am bounce fest, but my bladder really isn't.  At least getting back to sleep is getting easier.  I find the secret to get myself really tired during the day.  Lots of stuff done=better night's sleep! 

Diet and Exercise:  I've done well with the treadmill this past week, but since we're leaving for Christmas on Tuesday, I won't be exercising all that much.  I'm going to make it my goal to try and take a walk at least every other day while we're gone.  I was up to 149 this week at the doctor's, which brings my gain up to 17 pounds.  Pretty good! 
Movement: She just did this really odd jumping around thing--seriously, it was like someone just played "Jump Around" in there and she took them seriously!  She loves our daily snack of hot chocolate, and I can count on plenty of movement when it hits her system!  Less cool is the 3 am jump fest, especially since it feel like she's about halfway around my back when she kicks now, and she's getting strong enough to actually push me a bit off the mattress.  I'm having trouble telling position, since sometimes it feels like she's completely traverse (lengthwise across my abdomen) and other times it feels like her head (or butt) is up and the other is down.  She does hang out on my right side and kick left, although that flips occasionally too!  I won't have my growth scan until week 36, so I have to wait until then to know how she's hanging out (which makes sense, since she still has enough room to turn until then! 

What I Miss: I"m good! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Christmas!  I love this time of year.     

Best Moment this Week: Getting almost everything done in Jacquizza's room.  We still need a mattress for the crib, and I have some decorations that still need to go up, but overall, we're ready for baby!

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  Just the odd kicking around my back feeling.  I've also had more hip and pelvic pain, but it's bearable.   

Baby Milestones:
Jacquizza is still gaining weight like crazy.  Pretty much all she'll be doing until she's here!    

Food Cravings: All this junk food around here is awesome, but probably not so good for my waistline! 

How's Dad?: Still doing well.  He put up some of the nursery decorations without me having to ask.  He's such a good provider!


Tid Bits:  My University of Phoenix class is going well.  I'm again very glad to have this to ease my way into maternity leave.  It's been odd not leaving the house for work, but I'm starting to get used to it.  Much nicer is being able to see Brian every night, and not just being his "weekend wife"!  We've both agreed that I'm not doing 5 night a week classes anymore!

I finally signed up for prenatal classes and a hospital tour--all of which are happening in January.  I skipped the class on breast feeding, since I've been told that the lactation consultant at the hospital will tell me pretty much anything I need to know.  We are doing the labor class, as well as the baby basics course.  I'm pretty excited to go!  

We head down to LA for Christmas tomorrow, by way of a drive down the coast.  I'm happy to get a vacation. I'll have to make sure to take plenty of pictures of the trip and of Christmas and post them when I can get back on!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 30

Week: 30!  Anywhere from 8-12 weeks left.  That's shorter than some company's shipping periods!

Baby Size: 17 inches and just over 3 pounds.  

Sleep: Back in the pooper!  I get woken up at least twice a night by a small one bouncing around.  And of course, once I'm awake, I need to make a trip to the restroom.  Then I have problems turning my mind off and getting back to sleep.  I've been fairly well rested (night classes have been awesome, since I can sleep in), but I just wish I could make it through the night instead of making it up in the morning! 

Diet and Exercise:  I found out today that if I slow down the speed, I can up the incline and still be OK.  I still hobble a bit when I get off, but there are no more shooting pains.  I think I'll stick with that strategy--more incline seems to give me a better workout than more speed anyway.  Still doing the yoga, and still loving the chance to stretch my back out.  I've been pretty lucky with the lack of back pain--it seems to be all in the front for me.  
Movement: Holy cow yes!  She's kicking low today, which is not good news for my bladder.  She got in a couple of rib shots this weekend that took my breath away, but seems to have flipped back over after that.  I'm not looking forward to when she's much bigger and trapped in the proper birth position! 

What I Miss: Still good! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Classes ending!  Finals on Monday and Tuesday, and then I can submit my final grades on Wednesday and put this semester in the books.     

Best Moment this Week: Getting Jacquizza's furniture put together and up in the room.  We did have some drama getting the furniture from Babies R Us to our house (basically, Babies R Us never answers their phone, and the delivery company is stupid), but it finally got to us.  This means I get to do the fun decorating now!  Pictures to come. 

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  Round ligament pain, and feeling like she's kicking my large intestine at all times; not fun.  Otherwise, not much to complain about.  I've been very lucky so far.   

Baby Milestones:
Jacquizza continues to add more folds and grooves to her brain, and her energy is surging due to the accumulation of fat.  She'll soon be able to shed that weird baby fur and keep herself warm.  And of course that means an increase in activity for me to feel!     

Food Cravings: I forgot to mention that Brian also bought cookies at Costco.  I may have gained a ton of weight this weekend! 

How's Dad?: Doing really well!  I am so blessed to have him.  He tries to make sure I'm comfortable and is very helpful around the house.  He feels my abdomen more than he used to, and not always when she's awake, but it's really cute when he just rests his hand there.  We got our Christmas decorations up, and are preparing to host a dinner for our friends this upcoming weekend, which should be a blast.  He's making a roast, potatoes and spinach.  Then next week we hit the road for the "babymoon" and Christmas in LA!


Tid Bits:  I can't believe how quickly the semester went!  I feel like just yesterday I was writing about how it was dragging on and how much I hated having 5 night a week classes.  I also remember thinking that I would be in my third trimester at the end, and how weird that was.  Well, here we are!  And it is really weird!  I'm going to miss my students--with lab classes you feel like you get to know people a little better than with straight lectures, since they are so much longer and there is more interaction.  One of my students gave me the cutest onsie with pictures of molecules on it.  It's really very adorable.

My University of Phoenix class is going well too.  It's much easier this time around--I have all the lessons already, and I know how the class is organized.  I'm pretty excited to have something science-y to do!

I got another call about interviewing for a spring chemistry class today, and I of course had to turn them down.  I told them to make sure they keep me in mind for fall, since I am coming back.  Including the 2 colleges that I already work at, that's 6 schools who've wanted me to teach (potentially) in spring!  I really hope they weren't lying when they said they'd keep me in the pile for fall!  It would be great to have so many classes to teach!

That's all for now.  Hopefully, nursery pictures are forthcoming, provided I don't spend the latter part of the week on the couch luxuriating in my free time!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Now with pictures!

Week: 29, and here we are:

  This is from our Christmas card photo shoot on Sunday

Baby Size: Almost 17 inches and 3 pounds.  I'm back to measuring right on target (29 cm fundal length at my last OB appointment), so I'm pretty happy about that. 

Sleep: Much better this week.  The bird has been deterred from pecking by the new screen, and I'm actually able to sleep now.  It's a great feeling to get all of the rest I need.  Too bad I can't stockpile it for the future! 

Diet and Exercise:  I'm still doing well on the working out, although I think the incline days are numbered.  I got some sharp pains while walking that went away when I lowered the incline and slowed down.  I'm going to try a lower incline/slower speed combo and see if that helps.  I have a really sore lower back right now--to the point where it's uncomfortable to move around a lot.  I don't know if that's from the baby hitting something or what, but I'm sticking with the yoga and stretching throughout the day.  I may have to find a chiropractor though.  

According to the OB, I've gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks, bringing me to 14 pounds.  She seemed pleased--especially with the Thanksgiving eating thrown in there, and considering I'd only gained 1 pound in 4 weeks at my last visit!
Movement: She has very distinct times that she moves, and when we hit those times, she really moves a ton!  She flops around like a fish out of water in the mornings when I first wake up, then moves a bit less at lunch, but then is back at it with some hard core moving right before bed.  I've actually started provoking her a bit in the evenings--I'd rather she moves while I'm not trying sleep!  She's doing a lot of pushing and rolling on my left side, and I think it's her head that causes that side to bulge out, but at this point it could be any appendage.  My belly looks very lopsided when she really starts rolling around.  I've felt some hiccups as well, which basically feels like someone put my abdomen on vibrate.  Overall, it's really cool to feel her rolling around in there! 

What I Miss: I'm back to being good again--all readjusted to healthy eating after the eat-fest of Thanksgiving! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Getting the rug for the front room on Friday, and all of our baby furniture on Thursday.  That means I can start decorating!   

Best Moment this Week: New car!  I've upgraded from my '99 Saturn to a '12 Nissan Altima.  I'm actually still driving the Saturn this week, since it's a pain to transfer my parking passes for the community colleges for just a week of teaching.  I love the car so far, and the backseat size and safety features make it ideal for little Jacquizza. 

 My very first brand new car!

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  I'm very much all belly, and I like it.  Nothing new to report though.   

Baby Milestones:
Jacquizza's almost reached her birth length, but is busy at least doubling her weight.  That's seriously all the baby book says this week.  I think we're at the boring phase!     

Food Cravings: Brian bought a dried fruit basket at Costco, and I'm all about it right now.  Jacquizza likes her fruit! 

How's Dad?: He's wrapping his head around spending all the money this week, but I think he's happy overall.  He was really good about letting me pick the car, since it's really my vehicle, but did direct me to the correct websites to check out safety ratings and overall value.  He would have been happy with any of the cars I chose, but I think he really was hoping I'd pick the Altima.  Here is a painting of us shopping:

Me:  But the red one is so pretty!
Brian:  How many bottles of Bordeaux could I buy if we got the blue one instead?

He's done with home improvement/reno projects for December, with the holidays and everything, but I have to say that the house looks amazing.  He really went all out for the past few months, and it paid off big-time.  I'm happy to have a lovely home.

Tid Bits:  I'm in the home stretch with my classes--2 more lectures, 2 more labs, and 3 finals to go.  I'm being as nice as I can with the finals--particularly for my class of pre-nursing students--but there's only so much I can do if they don't study.  It's going to be odd not having to drive anywhere in a week and a half.  I am very thankful to have the University of Phoenix class starting to ease me into maternity leave.  

Lastly, here are some pictures that we took over Thanksgiving.  As I mentioned, it was great to have everyone come to us for a change!
First of all, Brian and me.  His mother has a shot of his sister and brother-in-law in the same pose when she was pregnant.

Amy and me being silly
 And being serious.  This is actually in Jacquizza's room.
Here we are with my family

We unfortunately don't have a posed picture with the Romos, but here are 2.5/5 of them!

And now some candids:

 Our dining room--I'll post the living area when we get the rug in.

Here I am blowing up the bed for Amy in Jacquizza's room.  I always aim to look my best.

And here's another shot of Brian and me!