Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weeks 30-34

Time got away from me a bit!

This was 32 weeks.
I'm to the stage where I feel huge and everything hurts by the end of the day.  Artoo's movements are also getting really uncomfortable, since he's big enough now to hit my bladder and my ribs, and sometimes both at once.  That also means the heartburn has started, and I'm up at night to go to the bathroom several times.  My summer maternity clothes are a bit tight (and short!), and fall is a long time coming here in CA (we've been in the 90s for the last week--blah).  I've had to go shopping again to get some shirts that are actually long enough to cover the bump, and cool enough so I don't sweat to death in the heat.  It's such a waste of money, since I won't be able to wear them for very long (it will eventually get cool here, I hope).

All of that being said, I'm having a very easy time with Artoo, just like I did with Gabby.  It's really remarkable how similar they are to each other--to the point where if I didn't know Artoo was a boy, I'd assume I was having another girl!  They each lay in the womb the same way (head on the lower left, feet on the upper right), they are/were both movers, and they each manage to find the same little spot to hit repeatedly.  Even their hiccups are/were the same!  I am bigger this time around (to be expected), and I have more hip and back pain (again, to be expected with working 2 days a week and no prenatal yoga), but otherwise nothing too terrible.  He even moves in the same way and the same amount as she did.  This video was shot a few weeks ago--he gets going even more now.

Gabby and I walk to daycare every morning (at toddler speed, which is very similar to pregnant lady speed), and that gives me some exercise.  My diet is suffering from 2 days a week of meals on the fly during lab, but isn't too terrible.  My weight gain is similar to Gabby's, though, so I must be doing something right.  Considering some pregnancies I've been reading about, I'm having a very easy time!

We always do a small shower (a sprinkle, if you will) for moms having a second child in our group of friends, and Artoo's was this past weekend.  A group of 7 of us went to brunch (sans kids!), and had a fantastic time.  Many thanks to Judy, Christina, and Stephanie for planning it!

                                                                      The adorable cake!

The 7 ladies, and not a high chair in sight!
All of the clothes were adorable, but special shout-out to this father-son pair.

And this onesie!!

Gabby has been having a great time too.  She's been "helping" to get Artoo's room together.

Mostly that means trying on his clothes, or Halloween costumes.

She did help me sort his laundry, though!
Before anyone asks, Mommy cut the bangs.  I'll never go that short again.

We also traveled to Half Moon Bay for a friend of ours' baby shower (congratulations again, Matt and Genevieve, and welcome baby Spencer!), and stopped at a pumpkin patch afterwards.

She said she wanted to feed the goats

And then she actually did--and liked it!  I was shocked.

I'm not at all surprised she loved the horses.

She was nodding along to the horse's gait.  I wish I'd gotten a video.


We bought her unlimited rides.  I think she went on there 4 or 5 times in the 2 hours we were there!

She did make time to snuggle with Mom.

Brian told her she could have whatever pumpkin she could carry.  She found the biggest one she could drag and pulled it to him.

But how can you be mad at this face?

We did talk her into a smaller pumpkin.  And she's 37 inches tall!
We also went with our friends Robbie, Judy, and Ellie to the Dixon corn maze/pumpkin patch.  We didn't do the corn maze this year (it's the world's largest, and miles long), but we did have a great time!

Options were limited early in the season, but they did have rocking horses.
Ellie enjoyed them too!

Pumpkin sitting

It's a time-honored tradition we do with all children in pumpkin patches.

Gabby pulled the cart all by herself!  And she loved looking at her pumpkins.

You can see my pumpkin in the background.

Another shot like the one at the beginning.

They also had a giant pool of corn kernels.  It was pretty awesome.

Ellie and Gabby both hesitated at first.

Brian didn't!

Gabby soon got into it.

It was harder for Ellie, since she's younger.

Gabby buried Daddy.

I seriously wanted to take a nap here.  The corn was like memory foam.

Corn shower!

She was fascinated by the way it fell on her hands.
Really fascinated.
Artoo wasn't as impressed with the corn-rain.  Maybe next year.

Dad-sitting is a sport.

Half-Midwesterner in her element.
Another exciting development--Gabby is potty trained!  She still wears a pull-up at nap- and bedtimes, but she doesn't need one at all when she's awake.  She hasn't had any accidents at daycare since we started sending her in big-girl underwear 2 weeks ago, and only 2 at home (one because she was a bit constipated and didn't want to go on the potty because it hurt).   I'm actually amazed she took to it so well.  She did a great job in Half Moon Bay, so we thought, why not try it?  We had some problems convincing her to go in potties not at someone's house (restaurants and stores, for example) because they are very loud when they flush.  But we bought a folding toilet seat and as long as I promise not to flush while she's in there, she'll go just fine.  I'm very proud of her!  And she's very proud of her big girl underwear.