Thursday, April 23, 2015


We had a lot going on this year for Easter so it gets its own post.  Gabby started with her daycare Easter egg hunt the Friday before.  Here she is hunting with her class and the class above hers.

They redistributed the wealth during naptime
Then, the Easter bunny came to our house and hid some eggs for her.  Louie was too little this year.

And lastly, we went to our friends the Frasers house and had lunch with them and the Berrys.  They have a huge yard, and hid over 100 eggs for the 5 kids who could hunt to find.

Everyone looked so pretty

Samantha was on it

Charlotte ran around like crazy

Gabby and Kate looked in the grass

The oldest girls comparing their haul

Phoebe stuck to the play structure

Gabby ran around too

Charlotte spotted one!

In the tree!?

Samantha's seen one too!

Louie got an egg of his own.  I ate the candy.  Finder's fee.

Gabby tried to hang with the big girls for a bit

But eventually went on her own.

Phoebe shows off an egg to mom and dad

Gabby's pretty dress

3 of us

And all of us!

Elizabeth's mom bought all of the big girls kites.

Charlotte and Samantha got it

Phoebe did too

 Gabby didn't want hers off the ground that day, and cried when Brian tried to make it fly.  She got over that when we took it to the park near our house the next week!

Brian is on bonding leave for 5 weeks starting soon, so we have travel in our future!  Stay tuned!

5 months

I'm only a bit late again for this post!

Louie is rocking this baby thing.  He can sit up (really tripod, but it's the same thing at this point) for short periods of time, he can do planks and pull himself to all 4's during tummy time, and he's started to eat solids.  We were planning on waiting until he was 6 months old, but he is really food motivated (much like Gabby), and kept trying to grab things out of my hands, so we decided to just go for it.  We had a bit of a rough start (too much too quickly resulting in not enough coming out the other end), but we've figured it out and are not really happy.  I give him pieces of just about anything I'm eating, and he seems to really love muffins and scones.  He's also a huge fan of his mesh feeder, his favorites being grapes and apples.

When he's done, all that's left is the skin.
This video is his second time eating.

We've given him wheat cereal and oatmeal, and of course prunes.  The very first thing he got was avocado, since I had some on hand.  So far, he's loved everything!

Avocado face


Gabby feeds herself


He likes it

More, Mommy!

Handsome in his high chair

Speaking of loves, he has really discovered his sister over the past month.  He will give her the biggest grins, and loves to sit and watch her while she runs around.  Gabby's pretty in love with him too--she doesn't hold him as much, but makes sure to touch and kiss him when she can.  She loves to come in with me when he wakes up in the morning and talk to him through the crib bars.

My cuties

I love this picture!
He's also really into cars.  We go to Starbucks a few times a week, and when he's not mooching food, he stares out the window and watches the cars drive by.  He also loves to people watch, especially kids.  And don't forget that baby who lives in the mirror!


That baby's funny

Mommy, have you seen him?

He's finally gotten too heavy for me to keep him in his carseat when we go out.  I bought a new carrier (Lillebaby), and it is awesome.  He can face forward, so he doesn't get bored, and it is super easy for me to use by myself.  I've started to wear him when we shop at Nugget or Target, and it's really been amazing.  I came home the other day and Brian was using it too, so I think we have a winner for the whole family!

Louie doesn't move that much except for scooting around on his belly.  He can roll from belly to back, but hasn't figured out the other way yet.  I think he's just so heavy (17.2 lbs!) that it's hard for him.  I'm not worried--he'll move eventually!  He does now have a wider range of sounds; some are more fun than others!

Other random shots:

Gabby learned how to drive

Although she can't steer or work the pedals very well.

Louie's in the passenger seat for now.


Since I last posted, we have had quite the busy time!  We had Gabby's best friend Phoebe's birthday, which was low key this time around.  They went to Disney, we just hit FairyTale Town and then went to lunch.

In the park

This was my last time using the Moby carrier.

Charlotte and Gabby on the big cheese

Charlotte sliding

Phoebe sliding

Gabby sliding

Robbie's birthday was next with its traditional jaunt to McKinley Park.

Charlie with the turtle

Gabby only goes on the big swing now.

Rock star Phoebe

Gabby prefers the net

Louie in his carrier

Phoebe in a cage

Charlotte swinging

Ellie on the slide

Group shot of 2 of the youngest (and Gabby)

Ellie on a box

Louie eyeing the bacon

Robbie and Ellie reading the cards

And mugging for the camera

Gabby and Brian planted tomatoes and squash in the back yard.

She roughed it up

And covered it with dirt.

The hat kills me

Louie supervised

Filling her watering can

And getting Daddy's help

And lastly, Gabby started swim lessons!  She absolutely hates them, but we bribe her with ice cream to get her to go.  She has to know how to swim--it's just not safe otherwise. We go to the YMCA, and I'm happy so far.

In her suit.  This was the first day.  It was all fun and games until they made her get in the water.  She cried the entire lesson. The second day went better--she only cried for half the lesson.

Here's a video of her jumping in and then "swimming" until a teacher rescues her.  I thought I was going in for a minute there, but the instructor was on it.

Bonus: we had hail!