Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hi everyone!  I'm Angela, and this is my blog.  As the heading indicates, I'm pretty much just going to be blogging about life in general and all the mundane goings-on that make up what I call my day.  However, I will have some pretty specific ones thrown in there about the newest passion in my life, wine making (or as I'm insisting on typing "whine making"--but I'll likely make those posts separate from anything alcohol-related).  You'll also have to sit through some posts about how cute my cats are (my husband Brian and I have 3 of them--Addy, Beau and Snowball), how much I want a new job, how much married life rocks or sucks depending on the day, and any other random thoughts that drift through my head when I'm at the computer with nothing else to do.  I hope you all enjoy!

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