Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week: 22, although my doctor's office apparently thinks I'm 23 (I'm going by what they measured in my 9 week ultrasound; they are still using the date of my last period, which the fetal measurements say was a week early).  I figure that just makes it more likely she'll be a Valentine's Day baby and never, ever be able to go out to dinner for her birthday.  Sorry, Jacquizza!
Baby Size: 7.5-8 inches. She's about the size of a papaya, and weighs in at about a pound.  We've reached a milestone of sorts on the baby website I post on occasionally--they give me the fruit-of-the-week size comparison I've been using on here, and apparently now instead of changing weekly, it'll change every 3 weeks.

Weight Gain:  I went to the doctor on Thursday, and I'm up 9 pounds since getting pregnant.  My blood pressure is great and I'm measuring right on schedule.  I should start gaining about a pound a week at this point, so now is when things will really start growing!  The doctor actually didn't really go over the anatomy scan with me, except to tell me that everything looked great.  I guess that's all that matters!  I did get to hear the heartbeat, which was pretty awesome.  I have another appointment in 4 weeks, and then I go to every 2 week appointments!  

Sleep: Going pretty well.  My hips are hurting now even with the pillow, but the sciatic pain seems to be gone for good. 

Diet and Exercise:  I managed 3 days on the treadmill this week.  On a sad note, it seems my running days are over.  I ran a mile on Monday, and was in severe pain in my pelvis for the rest of the week.  I think my uterus is just too big now for me to be able to run.  I'm actually very sad about it, since as I've said, I ran for years as exercise and just don't feel like it's been a workout unless there is running involved.  I am still walking on an incline about 2.5 miles, and doing the yoga DVDs on alternate days.  I actually like the DVDs, and feel like they will help me with the soreness once I start doing them regularly.  It's a cheap substitute for running, but I guess it'll have to do!

On a side note, there was a woman on the message board who posted that she ran before getting pregnant, but had to stop because of morning sickness/other issues in her first trimester.  She wrote a post saying that she was 25 weeks pregnant now, and wanted to know how she could get back into a running regimen!  4 other people and I basically told her she was insane, and needed to just wait until after the baby was born!  I tell this to illustrate that I'm not the only crazy workout person out there!

Movement: She's still very active in the mornings, and about half an hour after I eat.  She has me on a very strict urination schedule--even when I try to sleep in, she starts pressing on my bladder at 8:00 am and insists I get up and go.  She seems to have shifted down this week and is much closer to the bladder, which she uses as a gym.  It's pretty cool to feel her moving around, but not so cool to have to go to the bathroom all the time. 

What I Miss: Not too much! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Not at all baby-related, but my University of Phoenix class ends this week, and it'll be so nice to not have to rush around getting things done during the week.   

Best Moment this Week: Hearing the heartbeat at the doctor's, and feeling her move daily now.

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:  Not much new to report--hemorrhoids, going to the bathroom a lot, pelvic and hip pain--the usual.  Although one of my baby books says that now I am "comfortably pregnant", meaning I have a belly, but I can bend over, sit, and walk well still.  Which was encouraging, until I realized it was a back-handed way to tell me that soon I won't be doing those things very well at all!

Baby Milestones: Her eyelids are still fused, but she can tell the difference between light and darkness and will move away from any bright lights shining on her--I totally plan on trying this.  She's grabbing everything she can, and can hear loud noises like my voice.  She also seems to be shifting a whole lot more (or else she's just bigger and I feel it more), and I often feel really hard areas on my left where I'm assuming she's pressing against the outside.  I just tell her she has to stay in there for a while longer.     

Food Cravings: Still very much under control. 

How's Dad?: Still plugging along on the bathroom.  He has the cabinets stained and varnished, the walls painted, and the flooring in!  All that's left is the trim and putting it all back together and he is done.  It's been a ton of work, but looks great.  I'll post some pictures when he gets done!   

Wine Making:  We moved the carboys where the wine is stored inside, since the temperature variations between day and night are getting pretty extreme.  Even with the waiting a day after pressing, there are still a ton of lees in there, and we're going to have to rack in a couple of weeks.  Otherwise, not much happening this week

Tid Bits:  Classes continue to go well.  University of Phoenix is almost over, and no word yet on how I've done.  I'm guessing there is some review process they go through after my mentorship in which I get recommended for full employment (or not).  I'm just going to enjoy the couple of weeks off from having 3 classes!

Everything else seems to be fine, and things are going well!

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