Sunday, February 10, 2013

1 year old!

I can't believe that Gabby's a year old today!  It's cliched, but I really feel like it was just a few months ago that we brought her home.  Of course, memory loss is one symptom of sleep deprivation, so if you think about it from a medical standpoint, it makes perfect sense that I don't remember time passing! 

Gabby has her 1 year check-up on Tuesday, so I think I'll wait until then to post her stats and milestones, but I wanted to post pictures from her birthday party (and Super Bowl party--yay Ravens!) that we had last Sunday.  Please enjoy!

Gabby's 1 and only birthday decoration--made by my very talented friend at Little Bird Designs! 

So many friends came to play!
Gabby and Simon--Simon is in love with Gabby.  So much so that he didn't seem to mind that Gabby snatched away any toy he was playing with!  Law of the daycare jungle!

Jackson being silly with his mom

Phoebe and Stephanie.  Phoebe will be 1 in March!

Lorie and Steve--some people were actually there to watch the game.

I'm not sure why this is rotated, but it's a good example of Charlotte's silliness!

Samantha showing Gabby how to use the phone properly.

And Gabby deciding it was way more fun to eat it!

Speaking of eating, Phoebe latched onto this rib bone and was very upset when anyone tried to take it away from her!

Gabby wasn't nearly as attached to hers, but did like to chew on the end.
Charlotte really entertained Gabby while she ate some dinner.

Presents time got crazy, with Jackson, Charlotte and Samantha "helping" Gabby open her presents.  It was just as well, since Gabby and Phoebe were more interested in playing with the already opened ones!

 And what you've all been waiting for--Cake Smash!

First seeing the cupcake and candle
Looks so yummy!

After we went to Samantha's first birthday and watched her burned herself reaching for the candle, I made sure to blow this one out before Gabby touched it!

It starts out innocently enough, with just a finger.

Then, the smearing begins.

Soon, both hands are fully engaged.

And as we reach maximum coverage of frosting and cake...
Gabby decides this is amazing!

And offers some to me--she was right, by the way, it was very tasty!

Here's the cake the rest of us ate--Raspberry Cream Torte from Freeport Bakery--delicious!
 I'll post more about Gabby at 1 later this week!

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