Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weeks 35-38

Things are moving right along here.  I had an OB appointment at 36.5 weeks, and she told me I'm 2 cm dilated, and that Artoo's head is "right there."  After she checked me, I had cramps and contractions for the rest of the day.  I also started to lose my mucous plug (don't Google it--it's just what it sounds like).  All of this together could mean that I'm about to give birth anytime, or that I could still be locked up until induced again.  At my next check at 38 weeks, I was still 2 cm (but she could stretch me to 3) and this OB told me that I will probably stay that way until active labor starts and Artoo's head starts pushing my cervix open.  It's weird to be walking around like this, I have to say!  I have contractions off and on (they are way more frequent when I walk a lot), but nothing regular.  I'd say he's pretty happy where he is for now!

I did decide to step away from teaching the lab part of my class starting this week.  I'm just so tired and sore after doing both lecture and lab (and I end up with a ton of contractions) that I feel like I'm not helping anyone by continuing.  I do have a sub lined up, so she's going to take over lab early for me.  I plan on doing the lectures this week and seeing how I feel.  If I decide that's too much, I'll give those up next week.  But at most I have 2 more weeks left of teaching!

Brian got a brand new camera lens to take newborn photos, and tried it out on us for maternity photos.  I really think he did a great job!

Kisses for "baby brudder"

And up close

She got a little goofy on us too :)

Family shot

Mommy and Daddy shot
After my OB visit, I was very happy to make it through Halloween with Artoo still inside.  We went to FairyTale Town's trick or treat event with our friends Christina and Charlie, and Rob, Kelley, and Simon and had a blast!

The cutest Elsa

Charlie the pirate, Simon as Daniel the Tiger, Gabby as Elsa


Gabby knows what to do for a camera!

Inside the house.

Riding Cinderella's horses.  I went as a cat pregnant with a football player.

No, Floyd, it's a scepter, not a wand!

The theme was Percy Jackson and the Olympians--how could I resist?
I also went with Gabby to do Trunk or Treat at her daycare on Halloween.  She and her classmates were so cute!
I couldn't get her to look at me!

She was very polite, taking just 1 thing from each bucket.
One parent decorated their car like an X-wing fighter (AMAZING), but all I managed to capture was Yoda handing out candy.  It took Gabby a few minutes to want to reach into that bowl!

This was her after trunk or treat outfit, courtesy of Auntie Amy.  The shirt is a skeleton.
 And lastly was trick or treating.  We didn't take many pictures of that night, since we had so many of the other events, but we did have a great time.  Our neighborhood was seriously lame, in that only 10 or so houses had their lights on, and we didn't actually get any trick or treaters at our house at all!  Next year we're going somewhere else!  Gabby was such a good girl, even though she kept saying "candy please" rather than "trick or treat!"  She did say "thank you" to each person, though!

Elsa with her light up wand and crown, again from Auntie Amy!

She walked most of the way, but did get tired towards the end.  I do like the reflectors on her and Brian's jackets.

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  1. You're SO close! Can't wait to get the good news! :)