Thursday, April 23, 2015


We had a lot going on this year for Easter so it gets its own post.  Gabby started with her daycare Easter egg hunt the Friday before.  Here she is hunting with her class and the class above hers.

They redistributed the wealth during naptime
Then, the Easter bunny came to our house and hid some eggs for her.  Louie was too little this year.

And lastly, we went to our friends the Frasers house and had lunch with them and the Berrys.  They have a huge yard, and hid over 100 eggs for the 5 kids who could hunt to find.

Everyone looked so pretty

Samantha was on it

Charlotte ran around like crazy

Gabby and Kate looked in the grass

The oldest girls comparing their haul

Phoebe stuck to the play structure

Gabby ran around too

Charlotte spotted one!

In the tree!?

Samantha's seen one too!

Louie got an egg of his own.  I ate the candy.  Finder's fee.

Gabby tried to hang with the big girls for a bit

But eventually went on her own.

Phoebe shows off an egg to mom and dad

Gabby's pretty dress

3 of us

And all of us!

Elizabeth's mom bought all of the big girls kites.

Charlotte and Samantha got it

Phoebe did too

 Gabby didn't want hers off the ground that day, and cried when Brian tried to make it fly.  She got over that when we took it to the park near our house the next week!

Brian is on bonding leave for 5 weeks starting soon, so we have travel in our future!  Stay tuned!

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  1. I love the egg video! I keep laughing when you ask her if she thinks that is the only egg the bunny brought. What a big girl!