Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh waiting is the hardest part

Week: 39. 

Baby Size: Anywhere from 6-9 pounds (I don't plan on changing this until we announce an actual birth weight--provided she decides to come out at some point).  I actually lost 2 pounds at my appointment this week, giving me now 31 lbs total gain.  Weight stabilization/loss is actually really common at the end--the amniotic fluid gets reabsorbed to make more room for baby, which drops the fluid and hence the weight.  Jacquizza's heart rate was 156, and sounded nice and regular.  My blood pressure was much higher this week (134/84--I think I was nervous about getting an internal check), but still no protein in the urine.   

Sleep: Aches and pains and general worries about giving birth/taking care of a baby keep me up a lot.  And now we've added the fun of having actual contractions that last from about 1-4 am, and then taper off until they stop all together.  Just a little preview of what my sleep is going to be like once she's actually here?   

Diet and Exercise:  Still hanging in there with the yoga.  It'll be weird
not doing yoga every morning if and when she's here! 
Movement: Jacquizza still has her nightly dance party from 8-10.  I've also been noticing contractions (real ones, with pelvic and back pain, not the Braxton-Hicks fakey ones), and when they let up, she really starts to move a ton!  I think she hates the feeling of being compressed, and is trying to push everything away from her.  It's pretty amusing assigning dialog to it ("Like I wasn't already cramped enough in here--what the hell does the incubator think it's doing now??")! 

What I Miss: And, again, normal movement, coupled with sleep! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Super Bowl party!  I love our annual gathering with its overabundance of food and laughing!     

Best Moment this Week: Having the doctor tell me she doesn't think I'll go past my due date.  It would be great to not be induced.  Although as my due date on Thursday approaches, I have less and less faith that the doctor is right!  If I make it to my Thursday appointment, the doctor said we'd start talking induction.

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  I am definitely having "real" contractions!  At the internal check on Thursday, I was 1 cm dilated, my cervix was very soft, and Jacquizza's head was in position!  The doctor said it looks like she's ready to go, she just needs things to open up and let her out!   

Baby Milestones: Pretty much all weight gain until she decides she's done--apparently it's 0.5-0.75 pounds per week!  She's also in there practicing the skills she needs on the outside (breathing, swallowing, sucking)!    

Food Cravings: Had my sushi, had some chocolate chip cookies (slice and bake, but still tasty)--I'm good to go :) 

How's Dad?:
Very happy to have made it through Super Bowl without a baby!  We kept joking that she was going to wait until he put the ribs on the smoker, and then my water would break.  Well, we made it through the game with Jacquizza still in her parasite phase.  We had around 15 people over, including 2 very active 2.5 year-olds, and Brian as usual outdid himself with the babyback ribs, marinated flank steak, homemade BBQ sauce, and some seriously good guac.  Everyone else brought the sides and some desserts, and we ate so much!  Not everyone was a football fan (at some points, Brian was the only one in the room watching the game), but everyone seemed to really enjoy some aspect of the day--be it the commercials, the half time show or just the socializing.  Brian and I would have been happier with a different winner, but we did have a great time hanging out with everyone and eating a ton of food!    
Tid Bits:  I am so ready to be done.  I think I've handing the various ups and downs of being pregnant fairly well, until yesterday.  I think I hit that stage that all pregnant women hit where the fear of delivery is overshadowed by the feeling of just wanting this thing out now!  It would be nice one night to have those contractions last beyond the 3 hour mark (although the internal check did assure me that they are doing something besides annoying me).  I'm getting really short and irritable with everyone and everything--Beau peed on Brian's bathmat, and I went on a tirade about how I can't have a cat who can't even manage to find the litter box with a newborn in the house.  I love Beau, and it was totally the hormones talking, but that's just some of the craziness that's going through my head right now!

Here's hoping this is my last entry before Jacquizza graces us with her presence.  I have a feeling the entries are going to get much less happy and upbeat from here on out if she decides to stay put :S

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