Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Waiting is the hardest part

Week: 38. 

Baby Size: Anywhere from 6-9 pounds.  Yes, I know that's a huge range, but it's as precise as it gets at this point!  I'm still measuring small for my gestation time, but I gained another 4 pounds this week, giving me 33 lbs total gain.  Apparently I'm a closer when it comes to weight gain!  Her heart rate was 142, and sounded nice and regular.  My blood pressure is slowly creeping up, but there's no protein in my urine, so no worries for pre-eclampsia. 

Sleep: Pretty poorly still!  If I lie on one side for too long, that hip really starts aching, which wakes me up and makes me roll over.  Add to that if I wake up too much, it wakes up Jacquizza, and then I have to get up to pee.   

Diet and Exercise:  Yoga again every day.  I have been trying to get out of the house once a day, since I realized how depressing it is just sitting here and waiting for a baby to come out.  Fortunately, there's a shopping plaza roughly a mile from us, and I can walk up there to get Starbucks or go to the grocery store (if I don't need anything heavy or perishable).  This also increases my activity level some, which is an added bonus! 

Movement: I ate some chocolate ice cream with berries last night, and she proceeded to rock and roll (literally) for about 2 hours.  She also gets going if I drink hot chocolate.  She's having more days where there's less movement than usual (but still enough that I don't have to freak out and call L&D), so I think she's probably getting a bit cramped in there! 

What I Miss: Again, normal movement.  I've started a very attractive waddle, especially when I first stand up, and bending is now more of an issue than ever--it usually takes me several tries to put on my socks! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Having lunch with friends this week--it'll be good to have actual face-to-face interaction for a while!  I do post to a Facebook group for mothers due around the same time I am, but nothing beats actually seeing people!     

Best Moment this Week: Hmm, I'm not sure.  I can't really say there was any moment that stuck out as best this week.

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  I think (think) I've started having some actual contractions.  My abdomen gets really tight, and I get pain in my groin and back.  They are not at all consistent (basically 5 a day), but it's odd to know I'm gearing up for the big event!   

Baby Milestones: Pretty much all weight gain until she decides she's done--apparently it's 0.5-0.75 pounds per week!  She's also in there practicing the skills she needs on the outside (breathing, swallowing, sucking)!    

Food Cravings: Sushi--which will be taken care of on Wednesday :) 

How's Dad?: 
He started his nesting a while ago, and really hasn't slowed down.  He ordered a vent cover (really a deflector to prevent the air from the vent from blowing directly on Jacquizza while she's in her crib) and wall socket covers recently, and then spent a couple of hours putting them all in.  He also helped to tighten up the carseat base I put in my car, and installed the base in his own, screwed the changing pad cover to the dresser, and checked out the baby monitor to make sure it worked at the distance it promised.  He's been very busy!

We have our Super Bowl party this weekend, and I already warned him that I will be no help at all.  We have about 20 people coming, but all he's really responsible for is the meat (our friends are awesome and are contributing everything else).  And I never do any cooking for this anyway, so losing my help is no big deal.  I do plan on doing some cleaning this week, but I'm not going to stress out about it.  I think our friends will understand if the house isn't as clean as usual.  We keep telling Jacquizza that she needs to stay put until after the party is over!    

Tid Bits:  I'm at about 50% success with my cooking.  Everything I make is at least edible, but about half the time I end up in tears during the cooking process.  A lot of that can be blamed on hormones, of course, but also that I'm a huge perfectionist and I hate when things go wrong.  Like last night, I was making chicken with a lemon-thyme sauce.  The chicken breast was pretty thick, and I didn't think to mallet it a bit to get it thinner, so it ended up taking longer to cook through than the recipe said.  This made the broccoli that I cooked very soggy.  Brian ended up having to take over, which kind of defeats the purpose of me cooking in the first place (for what it's worth, the sauce really saved the dish, and Brian said he's had worse broccoli)!  I've had successes as well--my beef stroganoff is really good, as are my pasta dishes, but if you take away all my noodles, I just fall apart.  I know I'll get better as I practice more, but cooking is just not something I'm used to doing, and I get really frustrated very easily.

That's all for this week.  I'll update more about Super Bowl (like if Jacquizza actually lets us get there or starts the not-listening-to-her-parents thing early) in my next entry!

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  1. Ahhh...I remember that hip pain from lying on my side. I've been having awful nightmares almost every night and I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones. They're preventing me from sleeping well. Poop!

    I'm sure Brian really appreciates the effort you're making in the kitchen. I cook often and I still have nights where it just doesn't work out. Don't give up. It will get easier and become more fun.

    You said in your last post that you'll miss that baby belly. I felt the same way. It truly is a special time to have a baby inside. Once she's here you'll feel the same way about having her in your arms. Holding your own baby in your arms in glorious!