Friday, June 29, 2012

4 month pictures

As promised, here are the pictures I should have posted in the last blog.

This was from our walk at the Davis Arboretum

We had to wait until she was fed and happy to take them

She's still a little out of it

If I let her, this is what she would do all day.  Nothing beats mommy-fingers!

Up close

In her moby wrap, getting ready to finish our walk

This is how we check the mail everyday.  She loves her shades.

Just hanging out

Thank you, thank you very much

4 months old!

Lots of smiles

With Daddy on Father's Day

Big laughs for Daddy

Daddy love

This is Gabby and her BFF Phoebe at our friends' house.  Phoebe is actually 5 weeks younger than Gabby.  My baby is tiny!

You can tell whose mom is off to the side here!

Birthday girls:  Phoebe's sister Charlotte (3) and the homeowner Samantha (2)
She loves her new bouncer

But not as much as she loves her Daddy
 I'm hoping to get some video of her rolling over soon--she can now do belly to back as well as back to belly!  Until next time!

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  1. She is soooo cute!! That big floppy hat is just too much! Love the pictures.