Saturday, November 2, 2013


As promised, here are a ton of Halloween pictures (and a video) for your viewing pleasure.  I hope you all had as much fun as we did!

First off, my mother-in-law Anne came up to visit from LA the weekend before Halloween.  We ended up going to the Dixon corn maze (Guinness World Record holder).  We didn't do the maze, but we did visit the pumpkins:
As soon as Gabby saw the pumpkins, she sprinted to them, yelling "pumpkin, pumpkin!"

And then touched each and every single one.

Even photo ops can't stop her.

She did enjoy sitting on one, even though it was a bit cold.

She and daddy cut the perfect pumpkin.

Since Anne was there, we have a family photo!

I was jumping around like an idiot to get Gabby to smile, but it worked!

Gabby picked out her own pumpkin.

Because she is 1/2 midwesterner, she loved "driving" the huge tractor.

It was so cool!
Then on Halloween morning, we went up to trunk or treat at her daycare.  I was only able to stay for half an hour, but we got some really good treats, and even saw a friend:

It was impossible to hold her and take pictures, so we only have 2 of them!  This was us after getting all of our loot.
And us with Elmo.  Gabby has asked for "Big Elmo" everyday since then!

And finally, Halloween night.  Here are a ton of really cute pictures of our kitty in her costume:

I'm not the best with make-up, but I tried!

Tickles to get a smile!

Kitty hugs!

With the pumpkin she picked out

After trick or treating

Mmmm, chocolate.

She had a blast putting the candy in one container, then taking it out and putting it in the other.

How did our cats like having 2 more cats in the house?  This should answer your question.

Zoe was completely freaked out by Gabby's costume.

And then she saw mine!

She refused to come close until we took the ears off.  For the record, Dubby couldn't have cared less!
And just because I think it's cute, here's Gabby waiting until it gets late enough to trick or treat.  I'm pretty sure I was more impatient than she was.

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  1. I love this post! So many great photos, and the video is adorable.