Friday, March 7, 2014

Gabby is 2!

Official 2 year old stats:
Height:  35.5"
Weight:  26.6 lbs

To translate that, she's tall (87th percentile) and skinny (47th percentile).  The pediatrician said again that she's on her way to my height or maybe even Brian's! 

I will rule you all!
Happy face.

And not-so-happy face!
Mocking is fun.

She knows what a phone is!

We celebrated Gabby's birthday by once again combining her party and Super Bowl.  I was completely uninterested in the game this year (Seattle and Denver--yawn already, and the game was just terrible!), so I had no trouble hanging out in the front room where we put all the toys for the kids to play with.  We had quite a few people come to the party, and learned that putting "no gifts" on an invitation means absolutely nothing!

Some of our guests

Gabby's friend Samantha made her a cool banner!  This and a single balloon were the only birthday decorations.
The kids eating dinner.  Babies Ellie and Charlie not shown.

Raspberry cream torte.  Yum.

Robbie and Ellie

Holding the birthday girl while she supervises Kristen.

Pretty much her face when we sang to her.  She did applaud for us at the end!
 Gabby actually blew out her own candles this year!  Unfortunately, I don't have a video, but she definitely knew what to do!
Enjoying some cake with her BFF Phoebe

Much cleaner than last year!

Grandma Romo joined us for the festivities
Not even Mommy can distract her from cake.

Gabby continues to develop her verbal skills like crazy.  She can string together 6-7 words, and said in the bathtub one night "Take bath, then naked baby a while."  She also knows all of her colors, can count to 10 in Spanish (with some prompting) and can get to 20 in English (11-20 sometime get a bit out of order, though).  She can correctly identify numbers 1-4 when they are written, and has started pointing out some letters (not always accurately).  When you write her name for her, she'll tell you "a-b-b-y" as you're spelling it out.  She also sings tons of different songs, from her old stand by "Twinkle Twinkle" to "Happy Birthday" and some songs that she's picked up from daycare but I don't know off-hand (one has something about a sticky-sticky in it, and another one lists off a bunch of fruit--I think I need to look these up online, because they sound super cute). She has those cute little 2 year old mispronunciations too, like cough-cough for washcloth and doe for Zoe.

She's getting better at doing physical things too.  She's still not a climber, although I did get her to climb up the slide at the bounce place using the rope and not my hands the last time we were there.  I still followed her up, but it was a lot better than carrying her at the same time! Since I need both hands to climb up myself, I don't have a video going up, but she just started sliding down on her belly, so here's one of that!


And here she is playing in the balls.

Her utensil use is really good too--she eats apple sauce every night (we can make her eat more veggies if we promise her apple sauce), and she uses the spoon like a pro.  She is most definitely a righty--Brian said she was trying to eat with her left hand and got really upset, until she switched the spoon to her right.  Then she was fine.  She also colors and writes exclusively with her right hand. 

She has decided that Yo Gabba Gabba is the best show ever, and particularly loves the Circus episode.  She will watch it on repeat for hours (although Brian and I get sick of it way before then).  It does let me get a shower in on Wednesdays when we're home alone!  She also loves the Care Bears songs, and "Let It Go" from Frozen.  She digs the Miss Tracey songs on YouTube as well, especially the snowman ones.  Not to say that we only let her watch TV!  She also loves the Little Critter books that we got from one of my aunts, and will ask to read them by title (Yittle Too Yittle, Dine-saurs, Best Teacher Ever, Show and Share).  She'll read other books too, but will always ask for those.  She loves to play with our treadmill, having us turn it on and then throwing her stuffed animals on it and laughing when they roll off the end.

She is a typical 2 year old, in that she'll be sweet and giggly one minute, and then a tantrum-throwing mess the next.  Overall, I can't complain, but it does try my patience!  She's also become very possessive and refuses to share with anyone, even Zoe.  Here's a video of Gabby and Zoe playing with a laser pointer.

I held our friends Christina and Floyd's baby Charlie at Gabby's birthday party, and she freaked out!  You'd have thought I had ripped her heart right out.  She does love seeing babies (Charlie, Ellie and Finn), but she definitely doesn't want me holding them!  She has a group of friends at daycare (Kylie, Xavier and Ivory), and of course loves Kate, Phoebe and Charlotte. 

Lastly for this entry, we happened to meet up with the Berrys one Sunday at Fairy Tale Town, and had a great time.  Gabby really surprised Brian by going down the big slides by herself.


Charlotte on the slide

Phoebe on the slide

Hanging out with the turtle.  You can see their personalities here!
Gabby loves that turtle.

She does climb some!

Gabby and Phoebe drive the coach.

Gabby rides the horse alone,

And with Mommy!

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  1. Phoebe enjoyed watching the videos of Gabby. My favorite thing this weekend was when when Chris, Brian, and Charlotte got back from skiing. Phoebe saw Brian and asked him "Where's Gabby?" :)

    Also, Phoebe already had her 2 year old visit (not sure why), and I think the medical assistant measured her incorrectly. She had her at 35.5" too, but I think she's slightly shorter than Gabby? Anyway, I guess we'll see on Saturday!