Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring pictures

I got extremely busy with school and completely forgot about posting Easter pictures!  So instead, I've decided just to post all of the pictures from this spring in one big post.  Enjoy!

Here's a video of Gabby being silly on a Wednesday at home with Mommy.  The screaming thing is her top volume (thank goodness!).

First, some pictures from our friend Robbie's birthday party.  They are really lucky to live near a great park in Sacramento!

She loves sand

A rare quiet moment

She really did have fun!

Phoebe was fearless on the merry-go-round.

Gabby was not!
The learned about zoo animals at daycare, and each got to pick out an animal hat.  Gabby chose the chicken.

It looked amazing.

Way better than on me.

She did love that I was wearing it.

This is cute, if you ignore my demon face!

Brian and I stayed up late and watched the total eclipse of the moon.  He borrowed a tripod from work, and got some really cool shots!




It turned really red at full eclipse!

We also got to see some really good views of Mars.  And decided we're going to buy a better telescope!

We had Easter at the Berrys this year, and the girls did an egg hunt.  First, though, we did a hunt at home.  Our Easter bunny only hid about 5 eggs, and inside were fruit snacks!

We did have to remind Charlotte that she had to save some eggs for the little ones!

Gabby and Phoebe on the hunt.

Phoebe found one!

Counting her loot.

Our Easter girls!

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