Monday, December 15, 2014


As promised, here are a ton of pictures of us from the hospital, and from the photo shoots (yes, more than 1; 3 total, by my count) that Brian set up at home.

His first picture.  He still sleeps on me like this.

With his Daddy

With me

All snuggled up.  He now hates the swaddle.

Stats close-up

He looks so contemplative.
Gabby loves holding him, and she was so excited to see him in the hospital.  I was really happy to see her too.

She was captivated.

And loved giving him hugs.

Unswaddled and awake

But not for long!
This is one of my favorite pictures of us.  I have a similar one of Gabby and me.

Parents and son

His favorite position

We didn't intentionally leave Gabby out--she just wasn't cooperating very well.

Here she is!

And using the remote

She's still getting the hang of holding him.

He's hit or miss with the paci--sometimes it's cool, but other times he wants his hands.
He was very resistant to sleep

But we finally got him down.

I love his male pattern baldness.

Gabby was more cooperative on this shoot.

Until she realized he was naked.

She really didn't want to touch his naked butt

I think she realized what could happen here!

But got over it.

We had some props, but not a ton

I do like the turtle back.

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