Monday, December 15, 2014


For the first time since before Gabby was born, we didn't travel for Thanksgiving.  I wasn't fully recovered physically, so we invited Brian's sister and her family to our house instead.  Anne was still there, so we had a Romo Thanksgiving.  It was great for me--Brian cooked and Anne cleaned!
The girls loved holding Louie--I think Audrey would have taken him home if I'd offered!

Olivia wasn't quite as interested as Audrey, but still liked to hold him.  Olivia had way more fun with Gabby!  And I swear he's not dead in this picture, despite how it looks!

Olivia, Gabby, Audrey, and Louie
Gabby at FairyTale Town

Fearless Olivia

Gabby had such a great time with her cousins!  *Note--they're not the same height--Gabby was jumping.

Olivia and Audrey enjoying a snack.
Grandma Romo and her grandchildren

And with her children. I used this as an opportunity to get back at Brian, and took a zillion shots.

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