Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas, part 1

So while I was going through the Christmas pictures, I realized that there are just too many to fit into 1 post.  So we're going to have 3.  I know, it's a lot to read, but Brian got a new camera, so he went a little bit crazy on the picture taking.  And I may have contributed a video or 4!

Needless to say, Christmas with Gabby this year was so much fun!  She was so much more aware of what was happening (last year she just ripped paper; this year she understood paper=presents).  We had a full week of Christmas activities, and here is the first part.

First, Gabby is officially in love with bounce houses.  She didn't even hesitate to run around in the one we found in West Sac.  It didn't matter that it was a bit cold!

Don't worry--she was fine.  She actually climbed right back in!

Gabby's daycare did their annual holiday lunch with the parents.  Before the official start, they were playing one of their fun games to show the parents.

That was Christina.  Gabby loves watching that video and saying "Tina!" when she steps in front.  As you can tell, Gabby was more worried about me leaving than performing!

And then right before lunch, her whole class performed for us.  I'm on the side since Gabby refused to sit in her chair.

It was so cute.

Now for some photos from Brian's new camera.

Naked baby

For about a week, she loved sitting in this small pink bin.

And piling her toy on top of her.

She was also enamored of Frosty.

Sometimes she just chilled.
Brian can tell you all the fun facts about his new camera.  All I know is that it's bigger and the picture files are larger.

On the 21st, the Berrys had a Christmas party with a bunch of our friends.

Gabby wore the Santa hat briefly, and it was cute.

Lots of little kids at the party!

Charlotte being her usual ham.

Samantha and Phoebe enjoying a snack.

Phoebe eating the paper while holding the sucker.

Gabby and I enjoyed a snack too.

We went for a walk to Candy Cane cul-de-sac where everyone had tons of light.  Gabby loved it.

It was a blistering 50 degrees outside--winter coats were needed.

Again, such a ham!

Charlotte and Amelie hold hands, while Eric pushing Samantha along.

I'm pretty sure this is when Gabby discovered how awesome presents are.

Playing with toys.

7 parents enjoying a few moments of silence.

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