Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas, part 2

On the 22nd, we opened the presents that my parents and sister sent.  We decided to do it in front of the Christmas tree and have our own little pre-Christmas morning, since we were headed to LA the next day.  It was a great idea!

She didn't need help with paper by this point.

She would pull things out and say "oooh"


Just Elmo.

Trying to get a smile for the camera!
As I said, we flew down to LA for Christmas.  Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Joe and Audrey and Olivia came over on Christmas Eve, and Brian cooked his traditional dinner of prime rib.

Grandma had some fun decorations.

Talking before dinner.

Gabby on the Big Bird Chair (which Brian is quick to point out is his; must be a younger child thing).

Cousins on the couch.  Note, this is a depressing photo.

Olivia being silly.

Audrey and Gabby coloring.


Everyone coloring.

Audrey and Joe.

Gabby and me.

I got roped into reading the longest book there.  Seriously, it was the War and Peace of children's literature.

Aunt Jennifer helping Gabby draw.

They opened 1 present Christmas Eve.

Gabby had to open one too. Despite Brian trying to tell me she wouldn't notice what was going on.  Yeah, no.

Matching blankets for the girls.

And a ton ton for Gabby!
Fun fact:  Gabby loved opening presents so much that I had to rewrap this ton ton, and also some Christmas pajamas (that she'd already worn) for her to open the next morning.  We didn't want her to get mad when she ran out of things to open and Audrey and Olivia weren't done.  It worked!

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