Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas, part it's-almost-over-people!

OK, last part, I promise!  Hey, at least there are cute pictures to look at!

The tree and the stockings.
Gabby getting her stocking.

And opening her loot.

She loves to "nap" on her blanket on the floor.

In her fancy Christmas dress.

Opening presents.

Oh my gosh, Gabby got Christmas pajamas she'd been wearing the week before!

She does not share my love of bows on her head.  Give her time.

Audrey and Olivia opening their gifts.

All the girls (except Anne) opening presents.

There's Grandma!

Gabby swore there were more presents in there.

She had to settle for helping Uncle Joe with his.

3 bows for me!

More opening.

Gabby even handed out some presents.

Brian got into the bow action too.

Gabby didn't care what was inside--she just loved opening everything.

Happy Grandma.

Upstairs with the loot.

Setting up to play.

3 girls in matching jammies!
 Some things just need a video for full effect:

I'm pretty sure Brian won, although we have disqualify him for not wearing his matching PJs.

Watching TV with Grandma.

It was a good day.
Brian's dad was certainly missed, but I'm sure he looked in on us that day!

Finally, the day after Christmas, we went to the park near Grandma's house and played.  Gabby surprised me by being way more independent there as well.  She's finally starting to play on her own some!

There were so few kids there that she got to go on the big kid stuff!


I love how her hair is sticking straight up.

Swinging with Mommy.

And with Daddy too.
We had a great holiday, and I hope you all did too!  I'm currently getting trained up on the new University of Phoenix online classroom, and counting the days until my ARC classes start on the 21st.  I have an overnight trip to Calistoga planned with Stephanie, Elizabeth and Judy this weekend (the first time Brian's had Gabby overnight alone), and I'm so looking forward to the mud and massages!  Not to mention the dinner at Mustard's--one of my favorite restaurants!  I can't wait!

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