Thursday, March 5, 2015

2 months

Better late than never, right?

I got in huge trouble for not including Daddy on this sign.  But, really, he barely even knows Gabby is here.
At Louie's 2 month appointment he was 13.5 lbs and 22.5 in long.  That's 72nd percentile in weight and 23rd in height.  I can't believe his weight!  Gabby was only 9 lbs 3 oz at her 2 month appointment, and didn't hit 13 lbs until she was almost 6 months old!  My boobs definitely got the message this time around, and I couldn't be happier.  Louie seems much easier to feed than Gabby was, but that may just be because I'm more experienced and can help him along more.  I was also super aggressive about breastfeeding and pumping in the very beginning, which definitely helped the milk come in.  I'm just so relieved that we're not going through the weight gain issues with Louie that I went through with Gabby.

Louie's pretty much still just a big lump at this point. He is very alert, though, and loves to look around at everything.  He's especially into studying my face and hands--I had to go to urgent care with pink eye one day, and he sat in his carrier staring at my hands until he fell asleep.  Good thing too, since I really didn't want to take him out while we were there!  He's super portable and enjoys going places.  Unlike Gabby, he'll usually cry in the car for about 5 minutes and then go to sleep.  Gabby never actually went to sleep.  Overall, he's a really chill little boy.

Sleepwise, he gives me a good 5-7 hour stretch at night, followed by a couple 2-3 hour ones.  I'm usually only up twice a night and then up for the day with Gabby at 7:00.  He's really good about eating and then falling asleep.  He's still in the Pack n Play in our room, but we hope to move him to his room soon.  During the day, he stays awake for about an hour before needing a nap.  We've fallen into an eat, play, sleep routine like I had with Gabby, but I do nurse him to sleep at night.  Brian puts him down, and I put Gabby down at the same time.

We had some adventures this month, and here are a few pictures!

Gabby the spider

Selfie with the almost-3 year old at the zoo.  I can't believe Louie's cheeks, or how big of a ham his sister is!
I want to toot my own horn a bit--I took both kids by myself to the zoo.  It was MLK Day and Brian had to work.  I felt empowered.

She loves to hold him.

He's indifferent

Jabba baby

2 months old

I credit the onesie with the Pats winning the Super Bowl

On Gabby's bed

She's pretty good at being gentle.

This month we also had a visit from Auntie Amy and Uncle Ryan.  They came out for about 5 days, and we had a great time together.  The adults and Louie went to a brewery in town for some beer tasting while Gabby was at daycare, and we all ate out together on the weekend.  Amy and Ryan went to the Winchester Mystery House (so it wasn't all baby-related), and Amy loved on both kids.  Gabby had a blast playing with her and Ryan, and it really made me wish we all lived closer together so we could hang out more!

Amy loved Louie!

Laughing at picture time.

Smiling pretty

Louie was trying to eat Amy's hands

And succeeded!


And again

Gabby cheesing it up.

Holding the kids.  Poor Gabby gets jealous.

My first baby.

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