Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3 months

This one's only a month late!

Louie's still pushing the scales at 3 months, continuing to weigh in almost 5 lbs heavier than Gabby was.  It's really cool to compare their growth.

He loves to chew on his hands (and anything else put near his mouth), and is a drool machine.  He's not moving too much, but can get from his back to his side pretty easily.  He'll grab at anything (and sometimes even get it), so eating and drinking while holding him is becoming more challenging!  He's fallen into a basic eat, play, sleep, just like Gabby did, which is nice since I know what to expect from him.  He's a very chill little baby!


Video time!  Here's another one.

This month, we took a trip to LA to visit with family and attend Brian's high school friend's baby shower (only Louie and I went).  Louie and Gabby were both great on the plane, and had a good time seeing family.  We stayed with Grandma Romo (of course), had lunch with Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunt Del, and hung out with Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Joe, and Audrey and Olivia.  It was a really fun trip!

I don't have baby shower pictures, because it was hard enough handling him on my own with no place to set him down, but I do want to say that I have the first indication that Louie is not a "people baby."  He cried like crazy when he saw all of the people, and only calmed down when I took him to a quiet room.  He's definitely an introvert.   But here are the pictures I do have!

Gabby got this tent from my college friend.  It folds up into a tiny package, so we flew it to LA!


Sitting with Grandma Romo

Louie sleeping off the excitement

Olivia holding Louie, under Aunt Jennifer's supervision.

Audrey looking on

Audrey reading the other girls a story

Gabby was fascinated

Big smiles at the airport on the way home.

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