Thursday, March 5, 2015


I'm so far behind on blogging that I may never catch up!  I'm just going to jump in here and start posting!  First, here are some random pictures.

She decided to sleep on the floor right around the time Louie was born.  

Paci face


I call this his "squishy face." It's how he looked for the first few weeks!
And some early videos.  They're not that exciting.

For Christmas 2014, we stayed home as a family for the very first time.  It was really nice--as much as I love seeing our families and spending time together, it was nice to not have to rush around and travel.  We got to open presents at home and just be together.  It was Gabby's first year that she was into Santa, so that was very fun as well!  She and Brian spread reindeer seed on the lawn (birdseed + glitter) to guide the reindeer to our house.  Then we got up and saw Santa had made it!  Gabby cleaned up present-wise this year!  That night, we had some of our friends over for Christmas dinner.  It was such a nice time!

Santa's big present. She loved it!

Opening her loot.

Gabby "helped" open Louie's presents!

A rare Brian sighting. I love Louie's expression.

My kids.

In her Christmas dress from Great Grandma Stoehr

She is a ham.

Playing with Mommy.

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