Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 30

Week: 30!  Anywhere from 8-12 weeks left.  That's shorter than some company's shipping periods!

Baby Size: 17 inches and just over 3 pounds.  

Sleep: Back in the pooper!  I get woken up at least twice a night by a small one bouncing around.  And of course, once I'm awake, I need to make a trip to the restroom.  Then I have problems turning my mind off and getting back to sleep.  I've been fairly well rested (night classes have been awesome, since I can sleep in), but I just wish I could make it through the night instead of making it up in the morning! 

Diet and Exercise:  I found out today that if I slow down the speed, I can up the incline and still be OK.  I still hobble a bit when I get off, but there are no more shooting pains.  I think I'll stick with that strategy--more incline seems to give me a better workout than more speed anyway.  Still doing the yoga, and still loving the chance to stretch my back out.  I've been pretty lucky with the lack of back pain--it seems to be all in the front for me.  
Movement: Holy cow yes!  She's kicking low today, which is not good news for my bladder.  She got in a couple of rib shots this weekend that took my breath away, but seems to have flipped back over after that.  I'm not looking forward to when she's much bigger and trapped in the proper birth position! 

What I Miss: Still good! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Classes ending!  Finals on Monday and Tuesday, and then I can submit my final grades on Wednesday and put this semester in the books.     

Best Moment this Week: Getting Jacquizza's furniture put together and up in the room.  We did have some drama getting the furniture from Babies R Us to our house (basically, Babies R Us never answers their phone, and the delivery company is stupid), but it finally got to us.  This means I get to do the fun decorating now!  Pictures to come. 

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  Round ligament pain, and feeling like she's kicking my large intestine at all times; not fun.  Otherwise, not much to complain about.  I've been very lucky so far.   

Baby Milestones:
Jacquizza continues to add more folds and grooves to her brain, and her energy is surging due to the accumulation of fat.  She'll soon be able to shed that weird baby fur and keep herself warm.  And of course that means an increase in activity for me to feel!     

Food Cravings: I forgot to mention that Brian also bought cookies at Costco.  I may have gained a ton of weight this weekend! 

How's Dad?: Doing really well!  I am so blessed to have him.  He tries to make sure I'm comfortable and is very helpful around the house.  He feels my abdomen more than he used to, and not always when she's awake, but it's really cute when he just rests his hand there.  We got our Christmas decorations up, and are preparing to host a dinner for our friends this upcoming weekend, which should be a blast.  He's making a roast, potatoes and spinach.  Then next week we hit the road for the "babymoon" and Christmas in LA!


Tid Bits:  I can't believe how quickly the semester went!  I feel like just yesterday I was writing about how it was dragging on and how much I hated having 5 night a week classes.  I also remember thinking that I would be in my third trimester at the end, and how weird that was.  Well, here we are!  And it is really weird!  I'm going to miss my students--with lab classes you feel like you get to know people a little better than with straight lectures, since they are so much longer and there is more interaction.  One of my students gave me the cutest onsie with pictures of molecules on it.  It's really very adorable.

My University of Phoenix class is going well too.  It's much easier this time around--I have all the lessons already, and I know how the class is organized.  I'm pretty excited to have something science-y to do!

I got another call about interviewing for a spring chemistry class today, and I of course had to turn them down.  I told them to make sure they keep me in mind for fall, since I am coming back.  Including the 2 colleges that I already work at, that's 6 schools who've wanted me to teach (potentially) in spring!  I really hope they weren't lying when they said they'd keep me in the pile for fall!  It would be great to have so many classes to teach!

That's all for now.  Hopefully, nursery pictures are forthcoming, provided I don't spend the latter part of the week on the couch luxuriating in my free time!

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