Monday, January 23, 2012

Full Term!

Week: 37.  At this point, most experts consider the fetus to be full term.  However, there's evidence that a lot of brain and lung development continues to happen right up until 40 weeks (and maybe beyond).  Basically, if I delivered now, there would likely be no NICU time, but it's better for her to just stay put for a couple more weeks!

Baby Size: Anywhere from 5-7 pounds.  I'm still measuring small for my gestation time, and I only gained 1 pound this week, giving me 29 lbs total gain.  Her heart rate was 158, and sounded really good!  My blood pressure was elevated slightly (132/72), but I'd had a heck of a hard time finding parking right before the appointment, so I'm totally blaming that.  My BP has been right around 120/70 when I take it at home, which is just fine as far as my doctor is concerned. 

Sleep: Pretty poorly!  I was wondering what was going on when I rolled over, and I realized it's Jacquizza shifting back and forth as I change sides.  I have no idea why it took me so long to figure out--baby brain?--but it makes sense.  If I lie on my back too long, she starts to press down on my bladder, which means again being up and in the bathroom multiple times a night.  And now it takes me forever to roll over!  Poor Brian! 

Diet and Exercise:  Still keeping up with the yoga.  I'm really enjoying the DVDs, and plan on finding some "real" ones to do after the baby is born. 

Movement: Still with the unidentified body parts poking out on the sides, most of the time accompanied by rolls and swirls on the opposite side.  She's so big now that it gets a little uncomfortable for me when she really gets going.  She's been hitting my ribs less and less, which I really appreciate, but her head in my pelvis really jams into my bladder sometimes!  She also gets the hiccups at least twice a day.  It's actually the cutest thing--depending on where her abdomen is at the time, my belly starts jumping rhythmically for about 10 minutes.  I also feel her head hitting my rectum, which is slightly less fun! 

What I Miss: Being able to walk like a normal person!  If I sit in one position for too long and then stand up, my hips feel like they are ripping out of their sockets.  It usually goes away within a few steps (thank you, yoga!), but I have to remember that I need to change positions more frequently while watching TV.  This tends to upset whatever cat is on my lap at the time.  They'll be plenty more upset very soon, though! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Probably being done with work, although I'm also NOT looking forward to that!     

Best Moment this Week: Ordering the rest of the things we need for Jacquizza!  It's a huge relief to have almost everything we wanted to have before she makes her appearance.  Now things just need to get assembled and installed!

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  Still hip pain, still Braxton-Hicks contractions, still peeing a lot.  Nothing else really all that new!   

Baby Milestones: 
Pretty much all weight gain until she decides she's done--apparently it's 0.5-0.75 pounds per week!  She's also in there practicing the skills she needs on the outside (breathing, swallowing, sucking)!    

Food Cravings: Sushi--which may be taken care of this week! 

How's Dad?:
I think it really started to get real for him after the labor and delivery class this weekend.  One of the exercises had us putting a clothespin either on the webbing in between our fingers or on our ears and then practicing breathing techniques to manage the pain (obviously meant to simulate labor pains).  I'm pretty sure he didn't realize how much it was going to hurt until then!  He also learned that he really needs to be my support system in there, and help talk me through the really bad pains (before I get the epidural, obviously).  This will probably be a bit of a challenge for him.  Brian is very much a "fix-it" guy--we have a problem, he kicks into ways to fix it.  I think it's going to be hard on him to watch me be in so much pain and not be able to fix it easily.  I've also already told him that he can't just pull out the phone and check the internet in between contractions, unless I've done so too!  I'm sure it'll be fine--as I mentioned, I fully plan on going through the really rough part with an epidural--we just need to work on tapping into his nurturing side before the big day arrives!    

Tid Bits:  As of tomorrow (Tuesday), I am officially unemployed!  I'm still not sure how I'm going to handle that--I really hate cooking and cleaning and all the other domestic chores, so I think I'll have a rough time filling my days before Jacquizza gets here (after that I'll obviously be more worried about her and sleeping than if the house is clean).  

For all my complaining above about my hips and my lack of walking ability, I'm really going to miss being pregnant.  This has been a very special time for me, and it's been so cool seeing my belly expand, and starting to feel the kicks and rolls and hiccups of a growing baby.  As much as I really want her to come out so that I can meet this little person, I'll be sad to see her go.  I feel like this is such a special time for the 2 of us, and a time I'll never be able to get back (nor should I try!).  It may sound silly, but it's been nice having her all to myself!

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