Friday, January 20, 2012

The lost week

Week: 36.  The doctor made a very strong case for me being 36 weeks instead of 35.  This pushes my due date up a week to February 9.  Cue freak out.

Baby Size: Probably more than 5 pounds--it's a very inexact science from here until she makes an appearance.  This week at my appointment, her heart rate was 160, and still sounded really good!  I'm up 2 pounds over the past week, giving me a total gain of 28 pounds so far, which is still right on track. 

The doctor says that the high level ultrasound looked fantastic, and they are not worried at all about IUGR.  It looks like Jacquizza is just going to be a small baby (which makes sense, since Brian and I were both around 7 lbs).  I was very relieved to hear that, and it's made the week a much better one than last week!  I appreciate the doctor's worry, but it was hard on me not knowing what was going on!  As I said above, everything measured great at the appointment (although I'm still a little small), so we're good to go.  I'm also Group B Strep negative, which just means I don't have to have antibiotics in my IV when I deliver.  Yes!

Sleep: Getting oh so much worse!  It's like my body is prepping for having a newborn or something! 

Diet and Exercise:  I've managed to do yoga every day this week, which seems to be really helping my hips and back.  I also think it's responsible for my continued flexibility.  Treadmill is pretty much over.  I can walk for a short period of time, but then the hip and groin pain gets too bad and I have to stop.  Then, I spend the rest of the night walking like a little old lady.  Just not worth it! 
Movement: I've been getting unidentified limbs poking out on either the left or right side.  They're high enough up that I assume they are feet, but she could just be very bendy.  Her head is most definitely in my pelvis, though, and crossing my legs and bending forward too much has become seriously uncomfortable! 

What I Miss: I still want some sushi.  Brian's now telling me I have to wait until March.  Fortunately, I eat lunch alone! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Brian's birthday (although I'm now late, since it was yesterday).     

Best Moment this Week: The baby shower and Brian's birthday dinners.  I had such a great time at all the events that were planned!

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:
  Not much to report.  I seem to have developed a linea negra, after going through most of the pregnancy without one (although it's actually more of a linea roja than negra).  My hips at times feel like they are trying to leave my body, but I assume they really can't fully break out of those ligaments.  Right?   

Baby Milestones: 
Pretty much all weight gain until she decides she's done--apparently it's 0.5 pounds per week!    

Food Cravings: Still love me some chocolate! 

How's Dad?: He's doing very well.  His birthday was yesterday (34!), and his family was in town for the baby shower.  We went to dinner on the 14th at a place near us called Ravenous (the one I had to book because I procrastinated too long), and it was really a very good meal!  We all enjoyed the food a lot, and ate way too much!  Last night, we went out with his parents, uncle and some of our friends to a BBQ place in town and had a more casual dinner.  I continued my tradition of messing things up by leaving his cake at home instead of taking it to the restaurant, but we invited people back to our house after dinner and had a late cake dessert anyway.  It was nice to see everyone and hang out in a more relaxed type of way.  We have our labor and delivery class tonight and tomorrow (10 hours total!), which should be interesting.  I'm not looking forward to watching birthing videos.

He did have a bit of a moment this week after the shower, when I started writing down all of the things that we still needed to buy.  He said he couldn't believe that we had this room full of stuff and still needed to spend more money.  I think he got over it, but it's really funny to see when the actual cost of having a child hits him!

Tid Bits:  
Our baby shower was this weekend, and Jacquizza got totally spoiled by all of our friends!  It was planned by my friends Christina and Stephanie, and they did a fantastic job with the decorations, games and food.  I loved every minute of eating and hanging out.  It was so nice of everyone to take time out of their busy lives to come and see us, and I really and truly appreciate all who were there.  I promise to post some pictures when my mother-in-law gets them to me.  I'm so blessed to have these people in my life!  

This is actually my last week of teaching at the University of Phoenix, and then I'll be off until March (I actually just accepted a class that starts March 13).  I'm excited to be able to focus more on getting things ready for Jacquizza, but terrified that I won't be contributing at all to the household income.  I'm just going to take it one day at a time, and just try to keep myself busy!


  1. Umm, exactly why is Brian saying you can't have sushi until March? Come with me to Sapporo's sometime next week (Monday or Wednesday?), and we can do the buy 1 roll get 1 for a $1. I had sushi a few days after my birthday and it was delicious!

    Glad everything else is fine, apart from the lousy sleep.

  2. I didn't read this until Monday! I'd love to hit Sapporo's with you--Wednesday works for me :)