Wednesday, November 2, 2011


As promised, here are some pictures of the finished bathroom, and a few more I decided to throw in for the heck of it!

 Before picture (from before we moved in)

 This is a closeup of the floor--I was hesitant about the vinyl, but it looks really good!
And this is the finished product.  You can't see where most of the work went (subfloor), but it looks absolutely fantastic!

And here are some really funny kitty pictures.  First, Zoe "helping" Brian sort loose change:

 She's always very curious when things happen on "her" floor.
He had them all stacked up nice and neat, and she just knocked them all down :)

And here are some of my favorite kitty shots.  First, Snowball and Zoe:

Snowball totally knows the secret to getting behind the fireplace screen in the family room, and is definitely not sharing with Zoe!  Whenever Snowball gets back there, Zoe paces back and forth and looks at her like "how did you get in there?"  And you know Snowball is thinking "Ha ha!"  Too cute!

And here's a shot of the 3 of them all sacked out on the bed.  It's normally just the girls, but apparently Beau was feeling left out!

Lastly, I'll end with a picture of my bump taken today at almost 25 weeks (that's 5.5 months for those of you without kids).  It's a self-portrait, which is why I have no face.  I thought for sure it was wicked obvious that I was pregnant and that I was huge:

Instead, I just look like I ate a big meal!  I'm not complaining--I'm totally going to enjoy being tiny while it lasts!

Until next week everyone!

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