Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week: 27--third trimester!  I can't believe I'm 2/3 of the way through.  It seems like just yesterday I was announcing the pregnancy to everyone.  I am so not ready yet! 
Baby Size: 15 inches, and more than 2 pounds.  The large jump in length is due to the fact that she is now officially measured from head to toe, instead of from head to rump as she has been until now. 

Sleep: Much better this week, now that the cold seems to have run it's course.  I still wake up, but now I don't stay awake for very long.  The biggest problem is the bird that seems determined to get into our attic.  7:00 every morning.  I'm ready to sit outside with a BB gun. 

Diet and Exercise:  I did my yoga DVD 2 days this week, and would have done more, but I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and glucose test on Friday.  I really love that DVD, since it gives me some really nice stretches, and makes me feel like I'm doing something that's really going to help me out with delivery.  Brian and I moved rooms around, and emptied out the baby's room to paint (see below), so the treadmill is hooked up, but the TV is not.  Since I don't read on the treadmill very well, I think I'll just be doing yoga until Brian gets the TV moved over and hooked up.  I'd do it myself, but I'd probably break something.  I do miss walking, and I need to get back to it.  We're planning to go to Hearst Castle as part of our babymoon, and that's going to be a full day of walking.  I'd love to have some stamina built up before then!
Movement: Um, yeah; my little rabid mongoose is still twisting and turning in there!  She has her more quiet days (when she is supposedly growing), and her more active days.  It's pretty cool to feel.  She manages to kick the same spot on my left side repeatedly, which has made that particular spot pretty tender.  She actually doubled me over in pain a couple of times this last week by digging in there!  Otherwise, she seems to be missing my vital internal organs (except occasionally my bladder), and I feel pretty lucky that I'm not having breathing or digestive problems because of her! 

What I Miss: Not a whole lot again.  I'm super excited for Thanksgiving this week, since it means a whole day of eating everything I possibly can! 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Thanksgiving!  Brian's parents are already here, his uncle comes in tomorrow, and my parents and sister on Tuesday.  It'll be a full house, but really fun to see everything and hang out and eat.  I'm really excited!   

Best Moment this Week: Getting the baby's room painted and all of the furniture ordered.  It's really been stressing me out not doing anything to the room, especially since we now have about 3 months left before she is here.  We really did need to get the bathroom upstairs done and the front room as well, but it felt really weird not doing anything to the room at all.  It's such a relief to be actively preparing her place in the house!

Pregnancy Body-New and Exciting!..maybe:  I have definitely popped!  I met one of the other faculty members at the community college this week, and the first thing she said was "oh, a little one!"  It was a big change from a few weeks ago when one of my colleagues told me I was hiding it well!  Here's a picture from Thursday (self-taken, so headless):

There she is!  And yes, I'm pretty much all belly.

I also had another doctor's appointment this week.  I'm measuring a bit small--about 23 centimeters (should be 27), and I've only gained 11 pounds total this pregnancy.  My doctor didn't seem too concerned, so I'm not either.  I'm actually thinking that the cold a couple of weeks ago made me eat less (even though I tried to eat as much as I had been), and that kept the weight down.  Jacquizza's heart rate was 148 and really strong, and as I said, she's certainly moving around a lot, so I figure everything must be all right in there.  I won't know how my glucose test went until early next week, but I'm hoping well so that it doesn't ruin my Thanksgiving!  Although, as the phlebotomist said, I still have to eat at Thanksgiving, no matter how the test turns out!  I'm also now at every 2 weeks for doctor's appointments instead of every 4 weeks, another milestone reached. 

Baby Milestones:
Jacquizza's eyes are opening and closing now, and her taste buds are certainly getting a workout.  She actually has more now than at any other point in her life.  She can certainly tell what I'm eating, and is getting an idea of the environment that exists out here.  I hope I'm giving her some reassurance that she's coming out into a world of lots of different tastes and textures!     

Food Cravings: All I can think about is the yummy Thanksgiving fare coming my way; and the chili that is currently cooking for dinner tonight. 

How's Dad?: Doing great!  As I mentioned, he and I painted Jacquizza's room a
nice lavender color this weekend, and I finished up the trim today.  He's also working on the bench for the front room, and just doing the last minute stuff that is needed to put the house in order for company.  He was great about doing the prep work for the baby's room this week so that all we had to do was sand and paint.  I think now that we have furniture officially coming and the room painted, it's becoming more real for him.

Tid Bits:  I'm thrilled with the short week this week in my classes.  My Tuesday/Thursday class is off all week, and I gave my Monday, Wednesday, Friday class Wednesday off as well.  I told them they could come in and pick up their tests (which we're taking tomorrow) that day, but that we weren't going to have a lecture or anything that night.  I'm hoping they all come in early and get the heck out of there early!  I do have to give some make-up tests, but that's not going to be too bad.  I can't believe that after Thanksgiving, I only have 2 more weeks of class and then finals.  This semester has gone by so quickly!  I also have no idea what I'm going to do with all of that free time!

That's all for this week.  I'm waiting on posting pictures of our front room until the bench is back in and the rug for the living area comes in.  That way, you get the full and complete room.  I'll also post pictures of the baby's room when I the furniture comes in there, again to get the full picture.  It's going well, though!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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